Product Review: Neutrogena Triple Moisture Deep Recovery

I’ve heard a lot about this product from the forum I belong to.  Since I have a great deal of new growth, I’ve been looking for a deep conditioner that will soften all of my hair right down to the curly roots.

I searched high and low for this deep conditioner in my city, but had a hard time pinning it down.  I finally found it at my local Walgreens for $6.  It is also available on the Walgreens website.

I tried it as soon as I got home.  I applied it to my dry hair, and applied a steamed towel to my hair.  The directions say it works within 3-5 minutes, but I kept it on for about 2 hours, re-steaming the towel along the way.  I must say I didn’t have high hopes for this product, so this was a litmus test to see if it would do anything.  It better do something for $6 (yes, I’m cheap).  The jar is rather small, and the directions claim that it only takes a little to get the job done.  So, I used a little in an effort to not use it up too fast.  It melted right into my hair.


Turns out a little was all I needed.  With our hard water, I expected the same thing I got from other conditioners: moist for about a day, then dry.  With this conditioner, though, not only was my hair velvety smooth after rinsing, but the soft feeling lasted for several days afterward.  I must say it’s quite addictive the way it made my hair feel!  As I type this post I am deep conditioning with it right now.   Is it worth the money I paid?  In a word, I’ll have to say yes.  I will be making this a regular part of my conditioning regime.


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  1. Posted by azalyaa on May 14, 2009 at 07:47

    great idea!


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