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Experiement for Hair Growth

Since I cut my hair down to the natural curls, I have been surprised by how much new growth I got since my last relaxer in May ’09.  When my hair is compacted down, it is a TWA (Teenie Weenie Afro), but when I stretch some of the curls, they are about 3-3/4 inches long.  The longest part in the back is already almost to my shoulder and the front area just touches my eyebrows.

I have been using MT/OCT/MSM and just added Bee Mine to the rotation of growth aids I am using.  I would like to see full shoulder length by December of this year.   What has been working for me so far is the regimen I am going to follow for the time being.

  • Co-wash 3-4 times a week
  • Use shikakai bar once a month
  • Deep condition after each co-wash/shikakai wash (mixture of protein and moisture)
  • Trim every 2 months
  • Scritch my scalp at least once a day
  • Apply growth aid after scritching (i.e. MT/OCT/MSM one night, Bee Mine the next night and so forth)
  • Drink hot green tea with stinging nettle powder and honey at night in the winter and spring, iced in the summer
  • 5Grams Biotin each night before bed
  • be-Beautiful vitamin powder with MSM during the day
  • Baggy as needed

It may seem like a lot, but I have become accustomed to this regimen, and it appears to be working for me, so I’ll keep on keeping on =)  I’ll be checking in about every six weeks to see what’s up.

My Weight Control Tea

How much do you know about nettle?  Did you know that besides having a detoxifying effect, nettle can also help with weight control and hair growth?  Look online in a search and discover recipes and reasons why nettle is good for more than you think.  Last month, I started making a nettle and green tea concoction in an effort to grow my hair and make it stronger from the inside.  A side effect that I didn’t expect was that my clothes started to fit a little looser, even though I’ve been slacking off on the exercise routines.  Here’s a vid of MY PERSONAL recipe.  I add a dash of cinnamon to each cup I drink for an extra punch of calorie burn.

Word of note:  Not everyone can try everything.  If you feel that you may be or are sensitive to nettle, then by all means leave it alone.  That goes for anything you consider taking. The green tea and adding cinnamon also provide good benefit for controlling your weight.  Look for some links after the video.

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3 weeks/7lbs. later