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Benefits of Powders

The benefits of Ayurveda (ah-yur-vee-dah) are varied. The best way to get to know them is through your own research and usage. I’ll give a run-down on some of the most popular ones.

Amla: Moisurizing in nature, Amla helps prevent hair shedding and darkens hair. It is also said to contribute to keeping grays at bay, and is very conditioning to the hair. Amla comes in both powder and liquid (oil) form.

Brahmi: Strenghtening and hair darkening properties. Controls dandruff, helps prevent hair shedding, control dandruff. Can come in both powder and oil.

Shikakai: Pronounced either (she-kah-kee) or (shi-kahk-ki). Acts a lot like a protein treatment for the hair. Keeps your scalp clean and cool. Some even say it helps with hair growth. Comes in powder, oil, and soap bars.

Neem: More of an astringent type of powder. In oil form can be conditioning.