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Uses for Ayurvedic Powders and Oils

There are various ways to use Ayurvedic powders and oils.   I’ll discuss the soaps in a little while.


1. The powders can be mixed with water to form a paste and applied to the scalp.  It is recommended to pre shampoo with some oil in your hair before these treatments, to maintain the softness of the hair after the powder is rinsed from the hair.

2. The powders can also be added to existing conditioners and shampoos.

3. Another way the powders can be used is as a tea rinse treatment.  See “Ayurveda Videos” page for instructional video.

Oils: The oils are good for conditioning hair and using in a pre shampoo treatment.  Some powders are so concentrated that they can possibly strip extra oil from the scalp, especially those of us with curly hair that has trouble distributing natural scalp oils throughout the hair.  The oils are also good for sealing in moisture that has been put into curly hair, but can be a little too heavy for straighter hair.   Coconut oil is a good all-purpose oil not only for hair, but for skin, too.

Shampoo bars: Once again, you should pre shampoo your hair and scalp before using shampoo bars, as they are very concentrated.  The best way to use a shampoo bar is to make sure hair is thoroughly wet, lather the bar between your hands, and then apply lather to scalp.  Please do not try to rub the soap bar on your hair as it may cause the hair to break.  Remember, the shampoo bars are highly concentrated.  Shampoo bars generally do not lather alot, so if you would have to get used to trusting that your hair is getting clean without alot of bubbling.  Use a moisturizing conditioner afterwards.

Where to get Ayurveda Products

There are many places from which to obtain Ayruveda supplies. One of the best places to find them are in an ethnic Indian grocery store in your city.  If you don’t have any of these stores or can’t find any of these stores, then a search for an online store should get you lots of hits.  An online store for body art quality henna and indigo is Mehandi.  Another good place to find powders and oils is Amazon.

Mehandi: Specializing in henna and indigo, Mehandi offers henna and indigo that is safe for use on hair and body (body art quality henna). It is a veritable superstore for those of us who like to incorporate henna into our Ayurveda practices.

If you have any other sites, tips or comments about where to get Ayurveda, please feel free to share.

Benefits of Powders

The benefits of Ayurveda (ah-yur-vee-dah) are varied. The best way to get to know them is through your own research and usage. I’ll give a run-down on some of the most popular ones.

Amla: Moisurizing in nature, Amla helps prevent hair shedding and darkens hair. It is also said to contribute to keeping grays at bay, and is very conditioning to the hair. Amla comes in both powder and liquid (oil) form.

Brahmi: Strenghtening and hair darkening properties. Controls dandruff, helps prevent hair shedding, control dandruff. Can come in both powder and oil.

Shikakai: Pronounced either (she-kah-kee) or (shi-kahk-ki). Acts a lot like a protein treatment for the hair. Keeps your scalp clean and cool. Some even say it helps with hair growth. Comes in powder, oil, and soap bars.

Neem: More of an astringent type of powder. In oil form can be conditioning.

Brahmi-Yogurt Hair Treament for Curls

This is a hair conditioner with Brahmi powder and yogurt.  It makes hair soft and curls more manageable.